Antigonish: We are one community

The Town and County share more than a common name. We share a history and connection that spans generations.

As separate governments, we are connected through services such as water and wastewater, partnerships like the Antigonish Community Skate Park, Peoples Place Library and the Antigonish Arena, and aligned municipal priorities surrounding regional growth and citizen engagement.

Antigonish has never been separate, other than on paper. By removing administrative barriers, we ensure the connectiveness of our community is secure for generations to come.

We are one community.

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Why Consolidation – Chris Gilham • September 21, 2023

Why Consolidation – Emilie Chiasson • September 18, 2023

Op-Ed: Antigonish By Choice

The Province of Nova Scotia wants to double our population by 2060. As a small business owner and councillor, I understand the importance of a sustainable, growing population. Antigonish is very fortunate to have two large economic engines, a regional hospital, and...

Op-Ed: Antigonish Consolidation: A historic opportunity 

We have said it before and will say it again: Antigonish is one community of people that live together with shared cultures, work together in diverse industries, and rely on each other for our social and economic well-being. The current political boundaries between the Town and County don’t affect our sense of belonging to the greater Antigonish community.

As a community, we have progressed despite this artificial boundary, not because of it.

Op-Ed: Benefits and Challenges of a Growing Community

Antigonish is a growing community. It is an amazing place to live, work and raise a family. Both County and Town Councils have been working hard to attract development to the area and making infrastructure decisions to support this growth.

However, with growth comes challenges.